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A Guide for the Old-Fashioned Girl who is also Man of the House

First of all, could baby Ryan be any cuter watching his cartoons?

Ryan's nursery was done in teddy bear colors, shades of brown with light blue. I made this super simple blanket with more brown on the ends, building toward thicker blue stripes in the center. This is a beginner blanket because it only uses double crochets. I made it large enough to one day fit a twin bed for when Ryan graduates from the crib!

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So you know the gift you make to match the couch of the guy you were dating, but you broke up before you could give it to him... Um, yeah.... That's why I've entitled this project The Ex-Boyfriend Blanket

Toddler Dress in my favorite colors, Purple and Green, with a matching hat. Too cute! Now I need someone to give it to!